The AWDI Certification of Window and Door Installers

Rather than just a "testing" procedure or a "grandfathered" experience acknowledgement, the AWDI Installer Certification Program relies on 5 parts:

1. Regulated Training and/or Demonstrable Field Experience
Through either standardized AWDI accredited installation training, and/or field experience in actual successful installations with verified references, the installer substantiates knowledge and capabilities

2. Required on-going Skill Improvement Seminars
Constant improvement in both the necessary skills and product knowledge, and improvement in the process of customer service is also a goal in the AWDI Certification program.

3. Industry Consensus Accepted Installation Guidelines
The AWDI Installation Guidelines is dedicated to getting consistent results from consistent products, consistent procedures, and inconsistent openings. Through research and industry consensus, the AWDI Guidelines deal with eliminating the chance for problems rather than dealing with how to fix problems.

4. Field Testing/Observance of individual Installer's Skills
During the first 120 days of temporary certification, each installer is subject to observation during an actual installation at which time he can be graded on technique, skills, and results.

5. Standardized Manufacturer's Installation Instructions
Each manufacturer's product may require slightly different parts or techniques to effect proper installation. Using a standardized form, AWDI helps provide the installer with familiar installation instructions, even when the product manufacturer has differences in tools, mounting parts, or techniques.

5 Benefits to Being AWDI Certified

1. Being an AWDI Certified Installer with its implied third-party endorsement is a powerful consumer selling tool the adds credibility to fabricators, dealers, and installers which will increase leads and referrals

2. Call-backs, Service Problems and Service Costs are Reduced, and responsibilities among manufacturer, dealer, and installer are more clearly defined

3. AWDI Affiliated Dealers and Installers will be recognized in the industry and held apart and above marginal businesses

4. Sales Success and Profitability will rise for all AWDI Installers as the perceived value of your products and the services you perform can be measured and appreciated by consumers; and the industry itself recognizes the marketing and merchandising value offered by identifying professional installation

5. Qualified to Offer Insurantee® - The Industry's first Insurance-Backed Warranty Program- Certified by AWDI allows participants to offer full deposit indemnity, product and installation warranty protection backed by the largest insurance company in the US and Lloyd's of London.

What's so special about the Installation of Replacement Windows?

It's simple - "... no window will work right if it's not installed right", and too many windows are being installed incorrectly resulting in poor operation, premature window failures, customer call-backs, and an increasingly poorer reputation for the replacement window industry in general!

And custom installation is one of the most important reasons why homeowners choose to buy their window or door products from you.

While many dealers spend elaborate time and money perfecting their in-home presentations, the beautiful pitch book and prepared selling presentation often have shortchanged the importance of installation or overlooked it altogether.

That's a mistake.

When trying to differentiate your product and service from another dealer's any advantage shouldn't be missed. But, perhaps more important, selling the certification of your installers might offer a way to increase your price over the "low-ball" competition. Once a homeowner understands what quality installation from certified installers can mean to the life-long performance of even the best (and worst) window products, he will not only understand why you are the better dealer, but might even pay a premium to get the best possible installation.

Show them the gamble they're taking by not understanding and demanding top-notch installation from certified installers, and the savvy homeowner wouldn't dare buy from anyone else but you.

Who is AWDI?

The Association of Window and Door Installers, Inc. was founded in 1988 to accomplish these tasks:

1. Define Installation as inseparable from the performance of the window and door product
2. Create a method of comparison and impartial aid and information to the manufacturer, dealer/installer, and consumer for window and door installation
3. Industry Accepted guidelines for the installation of windows and doors used for retro-fit, replacement or remodeling. These guidelines are designed to be used by professional installers and provide an installation that compliments the quality and life expectancy of the product being installed.
4. Enhanced consumer confidence when doing business with an AWDI member firm using AWDI accepted products and procedures
5. Provide a means for manufacturers to publicize and enforce their preferred installation methods in compliance with Subsection 2-315 of the Uniform Commercial Code
6. Provide an industry forum for the evaluation, testing, and refinement of installation guidelines for all window and door products
7. Provide a resource and training center for the Window and Door Industry.

With the aid of representatives of D.O.E., the NWWDA, and general industry consensus, AWDI succeeded in establishing Guidelines and Standards for the Installation of Residential Windows. These standards have been recommended to architects, manufacturers, dealers, and installers through industry media and association recognition.

In 1989, AWDI established the industry's first Residential Installation Certification Program for Replacement Windows. AWDI created a manual for replacement products and established a written test.

The result is a successful program where experienced and qualified installers can be certified bringing with the certification recognition, pride, and quality in the installation of residential replacement windows.

Every Part of the Industry Benefits

Manufacturers' Benefits

  • Channel of Distribution of Installation Instructions to the Trade
  • Reduced Service Expenses, Callbacks - and isolation of installation responsibilities for manufacturers, dealers, and installers
  • Access to Industry Forum
  • Increased Value of AWDI Accepted Products
  • Product Differentiation between those offered by each manufacturer and among those offered by the competition
  • New Marketing Opportunities for Manufacturers and their customers

Dealer/Distributor Benefits

  • Powerful Consumer Sales Tool unavailable anywhere else
  • Implied Third Part Endorsement of AWDI Installers and their skill
  • Higher profits on sales due to monetary value implicit with AWDI Certified Installations
  • Create a difference between like products and add credibility to particular brands carried which enables you to break the highly competitive downward price spiral of "commodity" type products.
  • Option to charge more for AWDI Certified Installers
  • Resources to train installers
  • Exposure to Industry Information from an impartial source

Benefits for Installers

  • Become a Certified Window Installer, and utilize the professional designation after your name
  • Save time on installation, callbacks, and service related problems
  • Command top pay
  • Exposure to Industry Information from an impartial source
  • Qualify for cheaper work insurance, and State licenses

Each Certified Installer and the Dealer will have access to:

1. AWDI Residential Window and Door Installation Guidelines, and the AWDI Installation Manual which contains suggested installation procedures for all types of residential window and door products.

2. Consumer Booklet: "AWDI 8-Point In-Home Program" This booklet explains to the homeowner why they should only be dealing with an AWDI Certified Installer.

3. Installation Training Seminars at regional training sessions.

4. AWDI blank measurement and opening detail forms; and installation procedure contract forms, on a cost basis, enabling member to include AWDI Installation Specifications as part of the sales contract.

5. Right to participate in AWDI Homeowner Installation Warranty Program (where available)

6. Opportunity to participate in all activities, programs, and committees of AWDI as a full voting member.

7. Use of AWDI Certified Installer Seal, AWDI Logo, and other AWDI marks

The AWDI Certification Program

Requirements and Procedure:

  • Each installer must submit an application
  • Each installer must have trade experience
  • Each installer will be given the AWDI Installation Standards and the Installation Manual for Replacement Windows
  • Each installer must complete a 120 question written test
  • Upon return of the completed test, those installers who pass will be issued a Certificate designating them (name), as a Certified Installer of (brand) windows, for (dealer name) company.


  • Submit the AWDI INSTALLATION CERTIFICATION registration form accompanied by the non-refundable registration
    fee. (The form will contain space for references and experience)
  • Upon receipt of your application and after checking your references you will receive Conditional Certification pending a required test score and/or field inspection.
  • After successfully completing the written test and/or field inspection you will become a Certified AWDI installer.
    Membership must be renewed annually.

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