Lack of control

One of the conundrums of using subs is the inability of guiding them on proper installation without them being "told" what to do and the dealer having to do withholding, etc.

By encouraging "certification", the AWDI manual becomes the recommended "menu" for install to which the dealer can hold their subs accountable (standards and practices) without telling them what to do. Codes do that for new construction.

Retrofit and Replacement doesn't have that in the same way. Plus, without permits and inspections for so much of replacement, there is no accountability at all. This is the reason EnergyStar (EPA) required published instructions. We are the only source approved by EPA/EnergyStar for this instructions. Order a copy and see for yourself.

Consumers are supposed to see them. Lawyers will refer to them. Energy Star requires them for their approvals. How do these "promises" get to the actual install of your windows? Our certification program is one way because it couches the requisite constructive knowledge in the process which establishes the concept of "properly" when it comes to installation. And we try to do it all in a marketing program giving real world credentials to the installation process from Consumer Reports and Energy Star (among others).

EPA and Energy Star, in their own ways, have made proper installation the responsibility of the manufacturer. And, as manufacturers who need some control of the end result in a world of subs and non-regulated installation, each needs a delivery system of standards and practices and confirmation it has been received and seen.

Every dealer, at least, should be schooled in some way of their need to see to it your windows are installed in such a way that the performance designed, built and delivered in the windows themselves is achieved in the openings in the homes of the customers.

Each installer should be expected to be proficient in installation like a bus driver needs to be able to show they can drive a bus.

Scores of Manufacturers and Dealers are using the comprehensive AWDI Manual (in English and Spanish) to set the ground rules of competency, thereby assuring that the finished job is under some control, and that the proper entity is recognized as being the responsible one if things go wrong.

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